Hi! I'm Jonas Caruana

I'm an athlete and entrepreneur living in Vancouver BC, Canada. I love it here! Originally from Australia, I've studied, worked and lived abroad since 2005, spending time across Europe and the Americas.

jonosapien = me online, everywhere. Here's my LinkedIn and Instagram.

Here's what else you need to know...


I sweat, a lot...

Sweating once a day gets my blood pumping and brings me alive in every area of my life: at work, in my relationships, and in the community. I believe it creates a platform from which greatness in your whole life follows.

Every week, I plan my sweat schedule and invite training buddies, colleagues and friends, to join me. I use these sweat dates as a chance to catch-up, to take a meeting outside, to motivate, and to coach. Sweating together is the quickest, best way to create authentic, human connections.

And every year, I set fitness goals and a race schedule, and love helping others to set theirs. Currently, I'm training for my first Ironman distance triathlon with the big-ass goal of swimming the 3,800m swim in 3,800 seconds. Anyone who's a swimmer knows that that's a solid workout, especially for someone who couldn't swim before 2016...

I love sweaty adventures (check that Insta), I love a good race – and I write detailed race reports. Enjoy!


...and I love sweaty people.

I've spent the better part of a decade building and working with companies and brands that help people lead active, awesome lifestyles. 

Most recently, I worked at lululemon athletica and spent over five years with the brand, most recently at their head office in Vancouver in a variety of roles across corporate strategy, brand and community.

Prior to lululemon, I co-founded a startup called Training Mobs: a website and social fitness community that helped you find and share awesome, social workouts near you.

Nowadays, I work with companies in the Wellness space helping them with growth, marketing and financial strategy. I work directly with founder teams on highest value-at-risk projects. I wear many hats and I'm at my best when I get to roll my sleeves up with teams to operationalize the strategies we've co-created.

It's an exciting time to be living the sweat life – let's chat about how we can bring sweaty greatness to your life, your company, and your community. Use the form below to shoot me a note!

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